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Depending who you choose to manage your business network, your IT has the potential either to become a drain on business efficiency and profits or drive faster and more profitable growth. Condies Tech will ensure it is always the latter.

Condies Tech will help eradicate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, improve communications with clients, suppliers and prospects, keep your finger on the financial pulse of your company and enable your staff to achieve more in less time. 

About Us

"Who we are and why you should choose us"

Condies Tech focuses on making IT solve your business problems…

As the Managing Director of Dunfermline-based Condies Tech, Ian McBride has the unique advantage of being a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, with a firm footing in the world of making businesses more profitable.

Condies Tech parent company, Condie & Co, is one of the largest firms of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors in Fife. Recently recognised as a Microsoft Certified Partner, the team at Condies Tech is able to make sure that your business software and IT systems actually drive faster and more profitable growth, rather than be a frustrating drain on your time and resources.

With plain-speaking, pragmatic advice and guidance we’ll show you how to get the best results from IT systems that work smoothly in the background of your business, with minimum demands on your budget or time.


Case studies

DR Newitt & Associates Testimonial

Stephanie Newitt, Managing Director of DR Newitt & Associates, discusses how Condies have provided support throughout the business lifecycle, from incorporation and software training to payroll and accounts. Read the case study

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