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We are probably one of the only accountancy firms in Scotland to have a non-accountant supporting our owner managed clients - certified Management Consultant and Business Coach, Gaynor McIntyre.

Gaynor has spent over 20 years working with family and owner managed businesses and brings a wealth of experience and practical tools to ensure that our clients get the solutions they need.

As Gaynor is not from an accountancy background, her perspective is quite different; she’ll listen, ask questions and work with clients to get exactly what they want, whether that be more money, making more time for family or feeling reconnected with their business again.

If you think you might benefit from another perspective, then just ask yourself one question, ‘If your business was a person how would it be feeling today?’ If positive adjectives such as; excited, positive, enthusiastic and ambitious spirng to mind then Gaynor can help you to plan the way forward.

However, if you use words such as; exhausted, weary, frustrated, stressed or disillusioned are first in your mind then you definitely need to speak to Gaynor, who will offer any Condies client a complimentary first meeting to see how she can help.

Remember, the best business leaders in the world seek advice from a range of professionals so why not take up the offer of an hour of Gaynor’s time? One thing is for sure – you’ll definitely have a different conversation; we can guarantee that!

Examples of projects Gaynor is currently involved in include:

  • Working with a well-established family business in the hospitality sector to boost its management team

  • Working with a family business in the food sector looking at succession planning

  • Supporting a young MD to build up his leadership and management skills in a growing wholesale business

  • Helping the owner of a successful professional services firm to re-design how he engages new clients and re-shaping how the firm is perceived in the market place

  • Gaynor is also working with several GP practices in Scotland, helping to re-design their practices so that GP partners can sustain the ever-increasing workload without burning out.

 Gaynor McIntyre

To contact Gaynor directly, email on: or call our offices on 01383 721421.


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