VAT strategy

Sound, reliable VAT advice is in high demand given the ever-evolving complexities of the tax and due to underestimating the impact VAT can have on your business and activities.

Our VAT Strategy team, provides proactive and practical, simple-to-understand VAT advice, across all industry sectors in areas such as:

  • Optimal VAT schemes for businesses
  • Partial exemption and capital goods scheme
  • VAT Investigations
  • HMRC dispute resolution & Tribunal
  • Optimisation of corporate structures
  • Business sales and acquisitions
  • Purchase, sale and development of land & property (commercial and residential)
  • EU and international VAT transaction, including E-business

Contact us today for a VAT health check and to see how we can relieve you of the burden.

Need to make a quick VAT calculation?

We've developed this handy VAT calculator so you can easily work out the Net amount, VAT at 20% and gross amount for any sum you are working with. To use the tool couldn't be simpler, just type the number you want the calculation to apply to in the starting figure box, hit calculate and all the hard work will have been done for you.

To use our VAT calculator, click here


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