Online Accounting

Via online accounting software, Condies can collaborate effortlessly with you throughout the whole accounting process as we share instantaneous access to your current financial position.

Condies has partnered with Xero, developers of an online accounting system used by small- and medium-sized entities in over 180 countries. Xero allows you anytime, anywhere, up-to-the-minute access to your accounts, bank transactions, invoices, financial reports, VAT and budgeting.

Through various Xero add-ons, you can integrate your EPOS system, inventory management and even track time-off requests from staff. Saving time and administrative burden, allowing you to concentrate your efforts where your business needs it most.

For user testimonials and details of how Xero can help you, please click here. For more information, please contact Lyn Stavert.

Cloud Accounting Explained

The 'cloud' is where business is headed – join us as an early adopter and enjoy the benefits now.

The cloud refers to the Internet. Instead of buying software and installing it directly on your computer, cloud software is simply accessed online. Instead of booting up a programme stored on your desktop computer, you access it via your web browser. Meaning you can keep track of your business finances anywhere at any time.

Business owners can access a whole range of professional bookkeeping, payroll, timetracking and other software that resides 'in the cloud'. Simply login securely from any computer or smart device with internet access. Cloud computing has a number of fantastic benefits, especially when budgets are stretched:

  • No large upfront costs to buy software or hardware or maintenance costs for regular backups or servers.
  • Future-proof – no more software upgrades to buy and install.
  • Access your accounts and run your business anywhere, from your office to a cruise ship in the Med. Pinpoint exactly where you're making and losing cash – before it's too late.
  • As your accountant, we can log into your accounts to monitor your progress and make sure you're on track.
  • Full training and implementation support from our in-house Cloud Accounting team, from tailoring the package to your bespoke needs to inputting your first transaction.

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