Care homes

At Condies, we have amassed considerable experience in advising nursing home owners and groups.  During the 1990s, we worked closely with a client whilst he grew his company from operating just a single home to operating 38 homes throughout the UK, prior to a successful exit.  The experience gained in investigating potential targets, building financial models, assisting in obtaining acquisition finance and providing accounting support to the expanding group was invaluable.  Today, we continue to advise a number of clients who own and operate care homes, and can claim a depth of understanding of the industry that allows us to advise proactively.

Central to the success of any nursing home business is an accurate financial budget that allows costs - principally staff costs - to be controlled and monitored.  Regular reporting, comparing actual costs with budgeted costs, helps the care home's management team to get the best financial result from their efforts.  We provide this service to the vast majority of our care home clients.  We can also help them to track occupancy levels, which is another key factor in determining profitability.

We offer the whole range of advisory and support services to care home owners, and have a growing band of loyal clients in this sector.  If you think we could assist your care home business to achieve its strategic goals, contact JasonCondie on or on 01383 721421 to discuss.

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