Having reached the end of your training you may rightly feel a sense of relief. No more evenings spent huddled over books cramming for your exams.

But what does it really mean for you?

The end of your trainee contract means the end of the security of being an employee. No more salary in the bank at the end of the month. No more pension contributions automatically collected and paid over on your behalf. We understand the uncertainty that comes with this and are here to ease the transition from employment to self employment. We will guide you through the process of registering your self employment, raising your first invoice, keeping the correct records and filing your first tax return.


Our locum clients rely heavily on our Compliance and Wealth services but in addition we offer the following sector-specific services:

Bookkeeping - getting the basics right

Keeping adequate records is not only good practice it is a legal requirement. Good records mean it will be easier to collate the information to pass to us. For locum practitioners, a full blown accounting package is a bit of an overkill. We can provide you with a sample invoice, a spreadsheet based bookkeeping pack and guidance on allowable expenses. Our experienced team are always on hand to answer your queries in person, by post, by email or over the phone.

Superannuation - navigate the minefield

Under the rules introduced by the 2004 GMS contract, superannuation became subject to self-assessment - like income tax - and a duty was imposed on each GP to work out and certify his or her Superannuable Earnings each year. For locums, superannuation is calculated and collected via Forms A and B and we can provide advice regarding the completion of these.

GPfinder - find your perfect match

Are you a locum seeking a salaried GP or partnership opportunity? Never fear, our free GPfinder service is here! Effectively we act as a conduit, passing career opportunities provided by our practices onto our database of 120+ locums to see if a suitable candidate can be found.

Should you wish to discuss our specialist locum services further please feel free to contact us

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