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Condies Health specialises in the very particular needs of medical practices, acting for over 190 practices and 850 GPs across Scotland. Three partners in the firm, Pauline Hogg, Jason Condie and Linda Nelson, spend the vast majority of their time advising GP clients. They are supported by a dozen-strong healthcare accounting team that spends all or most of their time in preparing accounts for medical practices or preparing GPs tax returns, expenses claims and superannuation certificates.

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10 reasons to switch to Condies Health:

  1. Satisfied customers - In our recent GP client survey 98% believe we offer value for money and would recommend us and 86% rated our service as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Well above average’.
  2. Expert knowledge - One of only eight accountancy firms in Scotland with membership of the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants and the only Scottish member with committee representation. This means we are not only up-to-date but at the frontline of developments in medical accountancy.
  3. Be in good company - We act for over 190 practices and 850 medical practitioners across Scotland - the largest single office concentration in Scotland. You can't argue with the numbers.
  4. Financial check-up - Every year we conduct a detailed benchmarking exercise, comparing your practice against all of our GP clients, the practices in your region and those of a similar size. This highlights areas of the practice where income can be increased or costs reduced.
  5. Proactivity - All clients have access to the Downloads area of our website offering useful tools and jargon-free Briefing Notes that unravel technical matters we find are causing difficulty to our clients.
  6. Free training and seminars - Throughout the year we offer educational seminars for our clients including our annual GP and Practice Manager conferences, IRIS software training and retirement planning.
  7. We understand the NHS pension scheme - Via Condies Wealth we can help GPs navigate the ever-changing minefield of superannuation and maximise the return on retirement. We understand the complex Annual and Lifetime Allowance rules and can help you
  8. Complementary services - Let us shoulder the HMRC compliance burden of payroll, including auto-enrolment services. Our tax strategist can help you minimise any tax, capital gains, inheritance or otherwise. 
  9. Fixed fee - The clock isn't ticking for accountancy and tax services, encouraging more regular communication between you and us. We also offer a no fee guarantee if we don't live up to our claims.
  10. It's easy - Simply write a letter to your current accountant stating that you are moving to a different firm - we'd be happy to email you a pro forma. This should be printed on the practice’s headed stationery and signed by all of the partners. We'll take care of everything else.

Our GP clients rely heavily on our Compliance, Advisory and Wealth services but in addition we offer the following sector-specific services:

Benchmarking - how do you compare to your peers?

With our medical practices we have over the years made extensive use of 'benchmarking' in reviewing practice performance. Benchmarking is the measurement of performance against sector averages, to allow areas of underperformance to be identified, and (hopefully) rectified. To underpin this, we compile an 'Inter Practice Comparison' on a fully anonymised basis to allow meaningful comparisons to be drawn with other medical practices in the area and of a similar list size. When this is combined with a detailed variance analysis comparing the current year with the previous years, it allows trends to be spotted quite easily. We will use graphs to highlight certain aspects of the accounts, and every possible means is employed to make the accounts more understandable. By carefully attending to the areas each year where improvement is possible, very real improvements in overall business performance over a period of time can be realised. This means more money for less work - definitely worth going for.

Profit improvement - because profit is sanity

Where the benchmarking exercise has identified areas where a practice is underperforming, we are often asked to take a closer look at one or more specific areas to see if a particular cost can be reduced, or an item of income increased. When doing so, we are able to draw on our wealth of experience in the same sector, and the net effect will be an immediate and lasting improvement in practice profitability. One area we are regularly asked to look at is staff costs. In many practices, the wage bill is the single largest expense, and a saving will have lasting benefits to profitability. This will involve a review of team structure, identifying any duplication of roles, and looking at ways in which technology could assist in reducing staff costs.

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GPfinder - find your perfect match

Struggling to fill a salaried GP or partnership vacancy at your practice? Never fear, our free GPfinder service is here! Effectively we act as a conduit, passing career opportunities provided by our practices onto our database of 100+ locums to see if a suitable candidate can be found.

If you would like to discuss with us whether we could be of assistance to your practice or to arrange a free no-obligation meeting, please contact us.

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