Penetration Testing

In the digital age, it’s a serious matter when intruders bypass your defences and access sensitive data; a compromise impacts the business and its reputation. Condies Tech Information Assurance Services are designed to give our customers a comprehensive overview of potential threats, vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their network.

Internal Audits and Security Assessments by Condie experts

Our Penetration Test Team has vast expertise in performing vulnerability assessments and penetration testing for both internal and external facing end points. The main objective of this service is to assist organisations analyse and identify threats to information assets to help prevent infiltration and attacks as well as ensure a plan is put in place to mitigate risk.

Our Penetration Test Team believes in results validation and report correctness. Not only will our experts express their opinions, they will also provide a detailed vulnerability report and remediation plan which will greatly help decision makers and systems administrators to prioritise areas of concern. This advisory service ensures the client understands the risks and vulnerabilities that they may be exposed to.

2 key procedures comprise Condies penetration testing

Vulnerability Assessment: This procedure is mainly conducted by semi-automated tools, these tools scan for known vulnerabilities most common and prevalent in end point devices. We use a minimum of two scan engines to reduce false positives from our results.

Penetration Testing: This term refers to the process conducted by the Penetration Test Team who undertake testing procedures on internal and external end points as per guidelines. Ethics and standards such as NIST and OWASP are used as a framework to conduct vulnerability assessments and exploit weaknesses in security. The Penetration Test Team detects and exploits vulnerabilities from the perspective of a malicious outsider and/or insider, respectively.

Benefits of penetration testing

  • Securing your network’s critical infrastructure
  • Pre-empting data leakage and viruses
  • Assessing threat from intruders
  • Meeting regulatory requirements
  • Preventing ID theft
  • Avoiding network downtime
  • Deterring website hacks
  • Protecting your image and brand
  • Reducing operational risk
  • Retaining your customers 

Condies Tech consultants will provide quality reports that will reflect accuracy and objectivity. The output from these reports will help guide management and technical personnel through a remediation plan based on risk and impact of the vulnerability. We use a clear traffic light system to highlight critical, high, medium and low risk vulnerabilities.

Case studies

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