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Active Practice Update - Investing in small companies

Starting a business is rarely glamourous. Many of the globe-straddling behemoths of the business world had low-key beginnings. Both Apple and Hewlett-Packard were famously started in their founders’ garages, while the mighty Samsung began life as a grocery store in Korea in 1938.

Active Practice Update - Personal tax planning

The UK tax system provides reliefs and allowances to encourage you to spend or invest in certain ways. Using those reliefs as they are intended is the fiscal equivalent of obeying the Highway Code. If you divert from that code, by parking incorrectly, you would expect a penalty. The tax system also imposes penalties to discourage bad behaviour.

Insider May 2017

Employers with more than 250 staff are now required by law to report gender pay gaps, following the introduction of new legislation.

Active Practice Update - Improving cashflow

If your business does not have a steady stream of money "flowing into it, you will be unlikely to be a going concern in 12 months.

Active Practice Update - Employee benefits

Most employers provide a range of beneits in kind to their employees. You may be able to choose which beneits to take up, so you should be aware of the different tax and national insurance (NI) implications of each benefit you pick.

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