Think that adopting cloud software couldn’t make things work better for you and your business? It can!

We have not found a client yet that won’t benefit from the introduction of a cloud accounting platform, from automating processes to increased flexibility for owner-managers, platforms like Xero, or Quickbooks are clever and intuitive tools that can revolutionise your business.

We recommend Xero because we use it ourselves, we’re learning all the time how to improve efficiencies across our business and want to help our clients do the same. We’d love to talk to you more about Xero and cloud accounting to see how it can benefit your business.

Benefits of cloud accounting

Flexibility to work wherever you want

Have you ever been in a situation when you’re trying to complete “just one more thing” before you switch your laptop off for the day?  Before you know it it’s two hours later!  The beauty of cloud accounting is that you can keep on top of things wherever you are – whether that’s on the way to the cinema, at a football match, climbing a mountain or at the beach – it doesn’t matter. 

Let invoice chasing be a thing of the past

Every business has tedious and repetitive yet essential tasks that take you away from doing the things that focus on your business growth.  Most business owners would agree that one such task is chasing unpaid or overdue invoices. Let your cloud accounting software automate your invoice reminders so you don’t have to chase clients who haven’t paid. It can even remind them when their payment is due giving them time to manage it efficiently, and without causing you extra work.

It grows with you

Less of a “one size fits all” more of a “grow to fit” approach, most cloud accounting platforms have so many apps and products that will provide a tailor-made solution for you. We can help you to find it by identifying the areas in which your business could be more efficient. Our expert team will help you build a stack of apps that work for your specific needs – we even offer introductory training for those starting out and advanced training for when you want to achieve a little more.

Keep the cash flowing

All businesses rely on getting paid – cloud accounting ensures you have the tools to make sure you get paid faster. There’s no need to churn out hard copies of invoices anymore when everything is done online. By sending clients an online invoice – not only is it faster for you, but it’s also more convenient for them to process at their end. They can pay online and you can track whether the invoice has been opened or not. Streamlining the process makes every aspect of invoicing much more simple.

Collaborate online with your accountant

Cloud accounting platforms like Xero only produce only one set of data and this is shared between you and whoever you choose, this means that you (and they) have access to the most up-to-date information that’s available. It will always be 100% accurate when you’re looking at it. No exporting of data, no printing anything off, no merging onto other systems, just simple data when you want it. Sounds costly? You’ll be free to invite your advisors into your file at no additional cost.

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