AE – Mortgage

“Randal helped to untangle the complexities of the mortgage market for us, and was clear, transparent and helpful from Day 1. He made sure to understand our position in detail, and as a result, he was able to recommend the best product for our needs. The added bonus was that Randal has a really deep understanding of the market, and during our move, he was able to offer insight into market trends and advise us on appropriate timescales submitting our application. This meant we were able to get the best rate possible, and lower our payments as much as we could. Randal & Terri make an excellent team. Terri was always on hand to answer my many requests, and was incredibly prompt and efficient throughout the entire process. She was able to provide a really great link between ourselves, the lender and our solicitor, which limited any involvement that was needed from our side. I would highly recommend anyone to use Randal & Terri, irrespective of how well you might think you understand the market. They will be able to add value and help you in some way, shape, or form. Thank you so much for an incredible service, and we look forward to using you again when it comes to our remortgage!”

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