Condies Health – Pension Update Webinar for Consultants 31.03.21

Mar 11, 2021 | Past events, Uncategorized

These pension rules have caused considerable concern and confusion for Consultants with many having investigated reducing working hours or opting out of the NHS pension scheme, even if just temporarily.

The rules around tapering of the Annual Allowance did change last April for the better, but doctors will continue to have issue with the annual allowance.

As a result, we have designed a seminar specifically to cover this area and other hot topics that relate to pensions. We hope to answer for the following questions:

1) Who will likely suffer annual allowance charges?

2) What circumstances will increase your likelihood of suffering an AA charge?

3) Are there ways to mitigate an AA pension charge?

4) What is the best way to pay any charge arising?

5) If you have private work, would a limited company structure benefit your situation?

6) Is the Lifetime Allowance also an issue?

In addition, we will cover the recently published Government response to the 2015 scheme consultation. We will look at the effect this could have on both your retirement date and the impact on your historic annual allowance charges.

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