Condies service is night and day compared to EY and for us they were no more expensive but a completely different level of service.  I would encourage anyone who is not with Condies to seriously consider the switch asap unless they are 100% satisfied with their existing accountant and even then, it’s well worth a look.

The level of service we receive is exceptional.  Jason Condie pays a close personal interest in our 4 sets of accounts and is almost always available for a response to a q within 30 minutes no matter where he seems to be.  It’s like a dark art he has mastered.   Jason and his team are all super approachable and resist unnecessary jargon for their (non-accountant) clients.  They explain the complex in simple terms for managers often with a bit of good humour.  Their analysis and benchmarking across their clients has generated cost reductions and income generation for us (their invoice becomes part professional investment).  They are proactive, with many helpful newsletters and briefing notes but most importantly for me they just get on with the job to a very high standard and prompt us when they need something from us rather than the other way about.

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