Webinar – Mortgages – is the market moving on from Covid-19?

Randal McLister, our Head of Mortgage Services at Condies Wealth, hosted a seminar on what the market looks like now and what the team can do to work through your mortgage needs. He covered topics such as:

  • Buying a home and why being a professional can give you other options
  • Remortgaging your home (or buy- to – let property) and how looking at an offset mortgage or other lesser known mortgage features can benefit you
  • Advice on starting to build a buy-to- let portfolio or grow an existing one in the era of limited company buy- to- lets
  • How you help your children get on the property ladder when at University or starting out in adult life
  • Purchasing a 2nd home or holiday let and what to look out for

Our free webinar addressed how the mortgage market looks like for you now.

This event has now passed, if you would be interested in the recording of the event then please get in touch.

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