What does an accountant do?

Aug 24, 2017 | Blog

What does an accountant do… something we get asked all the time!

By way of answer to this question, this short blog explains the valuable benefits of having a chartered accountant by your side, as you focus on running your business.

An accountant is defined as a person whose job it is to keep or inspect financial accounts – boring we know, but bear with us. We hate definitions like that but we needed to get it out of the way!

What is clear is that today’s accountants aren’t simply numbers people, contrary to popular belief we don’t live in a world of spreadsheets, our expertise and knowledge within the business world are invaluable.

  • A good accountant will take care of your accounts but also offer advice on how to free up cash flow, make savings and raise capital for expansion where necessary.
  • An accountant will work with you to establish your goals and define a plan to help you work towards them.
  • Accountants know tax laws and legislation inside out and will be able to suggest ways of operating more efficiently.
  • An accountant will help you to find new ways of saving money. Often those savings more than cover your accounting fees so it’s win-win.
  • Employing the services of an accountant will save you time. Preparing accounts is a laborious and time-consuming process – those entrepreneurs that go on to establish and grow their businesses will, invariably, bring in accountants to relieve the burden.
  • Business owners are freed up to spend their time doing what they’re good at – running their business, finding new customers and markets.

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